Parents of Avalok & Srijana

"This summer when I jumped with joy on my daughter Srijana scoring 96% in her 12th grade with 97% in Sociology, I stood vindicated for having invested with this my children's future with Kasiga School way back in the monsoon of 2007. The school had just started then and I was among the first two parents to have put their children there on their own volition. Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, the school with its very passionate management is just the right place for a child's wholesome growth. Currently I am enjoying seeing my son mature into a young man at Kasiga under more than parental care. God Bless Kasiga and Kasigans"

Sidharth Mishra
President, Centre for Reforms, Development & Justice & Consulting Editor, Millennium Post, New Delhi

Parents of Aditi & Akshay Aryal

"My kids have been studying in Kasiga for the past 6 years and it has been an enriching experience not just for them but for us as well, watching them grow into mature young adults. Kasiga has been a great platform for them to learn and explore their talents, and it has been supportive and encouraging without fail in almost every aspect."

Thanks for everything.
Rajendra Aryal,
Kathmandu Nepal

Parents of Rohannah Shreshta

"Kasiga school is truly one of the best boarding school for kids in India. When we walked into Kasiga the very first time, we immediately felt that this is going to be the school for our girl."

The children are genuinely loved and valued here and we have seen them grow emotionally, physically and educationally over the years. The school has given students lots of opportunities for growth.

Last but not the least, Kasiga School is located just below the foothills of Mussourie with very serene and positive environment.

Prajwol Shanker Shrestha & Yashaswi Shrestha,
Kathmandu Nepal

Parents of Kashish Oberoi& Tamanna Oberoi

Sending our daughters to Kasiga school was one of the best decisions we have made for them. We were worried for their settlement in a completely different environment, but we knew we made the perfect choice when we received phone calls and messages about how they have excelled in many fields. Not only their academics have improved, but Kasiga has found a way to unlock various talents in our children that make tremendous differences to their personalities! The school has provided all their efforts to help our daughter grow in every way possible, and we are proud to be part of Kasiga family.

Sharad & Rashmi Oberoi,