Kasiga School delegation visits -Wasatch Academy - partner school in USA

Saturday 12th November 2016

A delegation of staff and students from Kāsiga School visited Wasatch Academy, UTAH, USA . The delegation comprising , 5 girls and 2 boys were accompanied by the Head of School, Dr. Neeta Bali and  a teacher ,Mr. Aji Kumar. Wasatch Academy is one of the leading schools in UTAH region. Wasatch Academy and Kāsiga School have  signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for 5 years to collaborate in various arenas including academic work, co-scholastic activities and collaborative projects. Activities included exploring the region of the Salt Lake city, University of UTAH and discussion with STUCO (Student Council) to exchange  ideas. Students of Kāsiga School also shadowed the peers in the classes of the Wasatch Academy as well as attended the equestrian classes, jazz games, and classes in music conservatories. Another highlight of the visit was a tour of Arches National Park. According to the Head of School, Dr. Neeta Bali, the visit aimed at giving the students of Kāsiga School an opportunity to broaden their horizons as well as collaborate with their peers in their partner school.