KASIGA SCHOOL Celebrating the Spirit of India’s Independence & Janmashtami

Tuesday 15th August 2017

 KASIGA SCHOOL Celebrating the Spirit of  India’s Independence  & Janmashtami

Kasiga School celebrated the spirit of Indian Independence on the 15th of August 2017 amidst the colors and festivity of celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna - Janamashtmi.

The morning of the 15th commenced with the hoisting of the flag by the Head of School, Ms.Sonali Sinha, in the Oval. All the students and the staffsang the National Anthem with passion, as the national tricolour fluttered in the mountain breeze. All present, proudly took a pledge towards the prosperity and development of the nation.

A cultural programme followed. The young comperes, Beyoncé and Agamjot, set the mood for the morning. The solemn aspect of the programme was set in place with the lighting of the lamp by the school authorities – the Head of School, the Deputy Head of School, the Senior Master and the Bursar.

With the spirit of Independence glowing bright in our hearts, patriotic poems, ‘Aisa Hindustan Bana Hai’ in Hindi and ‘Indian Independence Day’ in English, respectively, were recited with a lot of zeal.

Commemorating the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, a dance drama called ‘Kalia Daman’was rendered with colourful costumes and vibrant music.

While the soulful solo ‘Bharat KaRehnawalaHoon, Bharat Ki BaatSoonataHoon’ by Taran Singh Sethi touched the chords of everyone present, the School Choir’s performance of ‘ApnaDesh, ApnaWatan’ filled the audience with a sense of duty.

The short play that followed in Hindi, weaving together vignettes of the sacrifices during the freedom movement, reminded all present of the cost at which our beloved freedom was earned. An energetic modern dance on the tune of ‘Jai Ho!’ took this feeling a step further with the vivacious display of the celebration of freedom.

The School Band saluted the hard-earned freedom of the nation with their rocking rendition of ‘Ma Tujhe Salaam!’

The Head of School Mrs. Sonalli Sinha addressed the gathering, emotively reminding the gathering about reflecting on the sacrifices, values and principles associated with the freedom of the nation.

The finale was drawn with the Teachers’ Choir singing the National Song, ‘VandeMataram’.