Meet Kāsigans

2016 - 17

Student Council
  • Saiyyam Agarwal

    Saiyyam Agarwal, the newly appointed Head Boy is the pride and joy of the school. He is also a scholarship holder for academic excellence and the driving force that powers the football team to victory. His communication skills hold him in good stead and he enjoys participating in Dramatics. When the coveted badge was pinned on his lapel he decided there and then that all his actions and decisions will be based on Ratan Tata’s advice
    "If you want to walk fast, walk alone .But if you want to walk far, walk together"

    Saiyyam Agarwal

  • Aditi Aryal

    Our Head Girl, Aditi Aryal has spent her formative years in Kasiga and firmly believes that the school has moulded her into a confident, articulate and compassionate person. The badge of honour has just added to her other achievements. She says that,
    "’I am slowly turning into the person I have always wanted to be, thanks to the encouragement and support extended to me by everyone, on this beautiful campus of ours"

    Aditi Aryal

  • Parth Barad

    The house Prefect of Everest House, Parth Barad is passionate about photography and has often captured the perfect picture. The dedication and patience required to perfect this art is reflected in his daily routine. He feels,
    "’It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter"

    Parth Barad

  • Prabhsharan Singh

    Affable and approachable are the words that describe the Pacific House Prefect, Prabhsharan Singh Grover. He is always willing to extend a helping hand and a broad shoulder to cry on. These qualities help him to bond well with his peers. He firmly believes in the question asked by Martin Luther King,
    "’Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"

    Prabhsharan Singh

  • Shubh Aggarwal

    Like his identical twin brother, Shubh Aggarwal too is an asset for the school. He is the House Captain of Nile House, a footballer par excellence and mentor to all the students. His advice to the juniors is,
    "every accomplishment begins with the decision to try."

    Shubh Aggarwal

  • Yash Bansal

    Yash Bansal, the Deputy Head Boy, is an all rounder, a scholarship holder, President of the Interact Club and a natural athlete. During the selections for the National Games he made a name for himself in track and field events. His commanding presence makes him a natural leader. His aim is to join the Indian Army as an officer. He firmly believes,
    "If it does not challenge you, then it won’t change you"

    Yash Bansal

  • Stanzin Chosldon

    He has a zen like quality about him which probably is the reason for his popularity. Stanzin Chosldon is yet another all rounder, and the House Prefect of Amazon House. He has a great record in academics, is a gifted footballer, a state level basket ball player and above all a great example for others to follow. He wants to work towards carving a path for himself so that he will be in a position to help develop his home state of Ladakh. He feels the best way to do so would be to join the Administrative Services. His belief is,
    "’what you get by achieving your goals, is not as important as what you become by achieving them"

    Stanzin Chosldon

Junior School
  • Kipa brothers

    With a twinkle in their eyes and a never ending smile the Kipa brothers Mangjang and Mangming from Arunachal Pradesh have recently joined the junior section. They just can’t get over the fun and learning at Kasiga, and joyously say,
    "We both like it here, everyone is so good to us"

    Mangjang and Mangming

  • Snigdha Pandey

    Snigdha Pandey is the quintessential girl student quiet, diligent and respectful. Enjoys participating in all activities and invariably comes out the winner!! She thoughtfully says,
    "I wanted to come here to study after listening to the stories related to me by my brother"

    Snigdha Pandey

  • Sanome

    Sanome is our Yankee, all the way from America. He has a great imagination and his communication skills fill you with wonder and admiration. He chirps happily,
    "I enjoy school life here, we study read, play and the foods good too"


2015 - 16

International Students
  • SonamYesheyTshomo

    Like the blue poppy of her native country Bhutan, SonamYesheyTshomo has blossomed into a confident, articulate young lady ready to represent her country at the United Nations.
    "I can hardly recognize myself. I use to be tongue tied in front of familiar faces and now I am ready to face the world and speak on any platform. As a school prefect I have understood how to handle responsibilities."


  • PaldenTshering

    He is the Captain of the school football team, the members of which come from five different countries, Bhutan his homeland, South Korea, Thailand, Nepal and India. PaldenTshering is idolized by the young, budding footballers who try and emulate his style of playing.
    "Football plays an important part in my life. We have won many major tournaments and I feel if we can play together, we can live together. Our school football field, practise sessions and coaches are hard to surpass."


  • Rasiyakapakt

    Of the three Kuljiratansri sisters from Thailand, Rasiyakapakt or Bam is the middle one. She has been here for over 4 years which has helped in an overall development of personality and her confidence level is hard to beat.
    "I rarely feel like an overseas student. I decided to complete my schooling from here especially since I performed so well in my IGCSE examinations."


  • Kittiphong or Ping

    Kittiphong or Ping is also from Thailand. He is a gifted artist and is always ready to extend a helping hand .He is now fluent in English and understands Hindi too!!.
    "This is my third year here and I believe in the phrase Carpe Diem so every day is enjoyable and a new experience for me."

    Kittiphong or Ping

  • Chang

    After securing three straight As and a Merit certificate in his IGCSE, Chang from South Korea is now amongst our brightest students. His academic record combined with the fact that he is a valuable member of the football team just adds to his performance.
    "Nothing is ours expect Time, so I want to utilize it in a productive manner here, where there are opportunities galore."


  • Oh Min

    Looking at Oh Min it is hard to believe that it has been barely three months since she came here from Seoul. She has adjusted very well and is comfortable with school life.
    "I have made so many friends who look after me and take care that I face no difficulties. My English has really improved too".

    Oh Min

  • Muskan Shrestha

    Kasiga has always had a special bond with our students from our neighbouring country Nepal; they bring so much on board when they are here.
    Muskan Shrestha our 2015 topper in the IGCSE examinations participates in all sporting activities sings with the school choir and is in the thick of things.
    "The wind beneath my wings have been my teachers and friends and for me the word impossible means I am possible."

    Muskan Shrestha

  • Prashant Tuladhar

    Prashant Tuladhar, like his brother, gives his very best in whatever he does, in the class and out of it. A sports enthusiast he has set the bars of excellence high.
    "Not only have I been taught how to count but what counts. I know how to keep my equilibrium and manage my time well."

    Prashant Tuladhar

  • KashishRaghav

    KashishRaghav has been here for five years. She took admission in class 4. After being selected for the national Taekwondo Tournaments she was delirious with joy and her outlook in life has changed.
    " I am so happy here. I have learnt so much , so many new things and want to sing ,dance ,swim, act, debate and of course study.!!"


  • Thapa sisters Sadhika and Sarvesa

    The Thapa sisters Sadhika and Sarvesa are gifted singers, footballers seasoned speakers and their performance at academic work is commendable.
    "Here we are a privileged lot and Life does revolve around us! "

    Thapa sisters Sadhika and Sarvesa

  • Rohanna Shrestha

    Rohanna Shrestha who is musically inclined feels the beautiful surroundings inspire her to sing.
    "I am in harmony with nature and it fills me with a sense of peace and satisfaction."

    Rohanna Shrestha

  • AditiAryal

    AditiAryal inspires to become a name to reckon with in the field of advertising, documentaries and on the Tennis court.
    "Serena Williams here I come "


  • PannaTyagi

    PannaTyagi goes out of her way to help her friends. She diligently performs in class and out of it.
    "I participate in so many activities and every week I receive a certificate of excellence from my Head of School .I am so proud of myself."


  • OjasviRawat

    OjasviRawat is grace personified when she dances. She is passionate about dance and can be seen practising till she perfects the step.
    "When I dance I am transported to another place and here I am given so many chances to hone my talent."


  • Mashitshila and Zorempuii

    From the north eastern states of Nagaland and Mizoram, Mashitshila and Zorempuii come as a breath of fresh air with their infectious laughter and smiles. Their natural ability to sing in sync with others reflects in their behaviour.
    "We add to the diversity on the school campus and at the end of the day we all are a student community"

    Mashitshila and Zorempuii

Student Council
  • Naman Bhasin

    One must learn first to obey before you can command is what our Head boy NamanBhasin firmly believes in. He leads by example and is the via media between the students and the management.
    "I will walk the extra mile to see that each student is facing no difficulties. I am responsible for them and in my own way I try to make things easier "

    Naman Bhasin

  • Kartik Yadav

    Our Sports Captain Kartik Yadav firmly is of the opinion that he too, like The Duke of Wellington learnt a lot from the playing fields not of Eton but here at Kasiga.
    "Team spirit and the concept of fair play along with the desire to win can only be learnt by participating in sports. Inter House and Inter School competitions help us in raising our game"

    Kartik Yadav

  • Guneet Mangat

    Friend, mentor and advisor to all the girls, GuneetMangat our School Head girl will leave a vacuum when she completes her schooling.
    "I love challenges which help me grow as a person and allow me to take decisions as I am prepared to face any consequence."

    Guneet Mangat

  • Shivam Gupta

    Shivam Gupta, the Pacific House Captain and the AS level topper goes about his duties in a calm and efficient manner. Still waters do run deep!!
    "There is an African proverb that says to walk softly but carry a big stick. That I think sums up my attitude to Life."

    Shivam Gupta

  • Nikunj Bansal

    An avid participant in all the’’ MUN’’ Conferences, Nikunj Bansal a prefect of Nile House is also the editor for their in house journal. He is articulate and is often the spokesperson for the Student Body.
    "It is only through dialogue that people can resolve their differences and find common ground to build up relationships."

    Nikunj Bansal

  • Harshvardhan Taunk

    An outstanding artist and a hardworking student HarshvardhanTaunk is our Academic Prefect.
    "There is no substitute for hardwork and spending time in the art lab helps me to de stress"

    Harshvardhan Taunk

  • Chingtea R. Marak

    A gifted singer and footballer Chingtea R. Marak is from Meghalaya "abode of the clouds"
    "I love it here as it reminds me of home"

    Chingtea R. Marak

  • Daksh Narang

    DakshNarang is an all-rounder excelling in all aspects of school life. He is a prefect of Everest House, a singer, writer, actor and competitive in matters relating to his house.
    "House spirit is essential for bonding amongst the students."

    Daksh Narang

  • Ritwik Gautam

    RitwikGautam, Amazon House Prefect, has set his heart on serving the country as an army officer. He feels that serving the Motherland is the greatest service.
    "I am willing to sacrifice my all at the altar of my country"

    Ritwik Gautam

Junior School
  • Min

    Like her namesake little Min too is all smiles and eager to take part in all the programmes.
    "I enjoy speaking during Assembly especially when everybody claps for me."


  • Anirudh Soni

    He is a pint sized dynamo literally bursting with enthusiasm and energy. AnirudhSoni always has his hand up volunteering for everything.
    "I want to be part of all the action and when I grow up I want to be called an all-rounder."

    Anirudh Soni

  • Ishmeet Kohli

    Equally small in size and full of beans, IshmeetKohli is a problem child!! He is mathematically inclined and Mathematics is his favourite subject.
    "I love doing sums and cannot understand why my friends find it difficult"

    Ishmeet Kohli

  • Sanidhya Pandey’s

    We have a mini Marcel Marceau with us; Sanidhya Pandey’s mimicry act is hard to beat and is an endless source of entertainment.
    "I love to imitate everyone especially my teachers who encourage me to showcase my talent."

    Sanidhya Pandey’s

  • Sidhi

    Sidhi is the gem of the school. Her abilities are noteworthy and performs exceptionally well in class and co-curricular activities.
    "I may be slow but I get by with a little help from my friends."