Student Life

For us our students’ happiness is as important as their academic performance and that is why you’ll see that our children are a happy and vibrant community.

Students of the Kāsiga family will find school an extension of their home; a place where learning takes place in a caring and safe environment under the care of experienced House Masters/ Mistress assisted by a Resident Tutor, Matron/ Warden. Separate dormitories for boys and girls are well designed with a private space demarcated for each child. To further reinforce the feeling of family, each of the dormitories has been built to house only 6-8 children.

Students start their day around 6:00 am with morning conditioning and some basic exercise followed by breakfast. Classes start around 8:00 am with a short break for juice and snack followed by Assembly. Classes continue till lunch. Post lunch, students have an hour to relax followed by sports and other activities. In the evening they get time to bathe and also use the food court and canteen for some refreshments and relaxation.  Around 6:00 pm they go for evening prep for self-study. Dinner marks the end of an action packed day. After dinner students get to enjoy in their dorms, bond with other students, watch some news, and spend time with their House Masters or Resident Tutors. On weekends student get to watch a movie and play some friendly matches with other schools.

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