Kāsiga and the Wider World

Activities at Kāsiga extend beyond the curriculum promoting sensitivity and international mindedness through collaborative projects with international schools across the world through structured programs like the IAYP and ISA ; and lectures, demonstrations, workshops and training for both teacher and students.

IAYP (International Award for Young People)

Under the IAYP formerly called Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, students undertake activities that encourage personal discovery and growth, skill development, physical recreation, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to the community; and can aspire for bronze, silver and gold awards.

The International School Award by The British Council

The ISA (International School Award) by British Council involves an array of activities conducted through the year encouraging academic exchange; and enabling students across the world to work together on projects of global significance.

Exchange programs

The school has signed a five-year agreement with the Wasatch Academy, Utah, an established residential school in the USA for exchange programs and collaborative work among students.

Apart from this through associations with organizations like Youth for Understanding and AFS Kāsiga provides opportunities by means of various exchange programs for students and teachers to facilitate exposure to and understanding of people around the world, their customs, culture and teaching learning practices.


At Kāsiga we have always focused on skill development. Opportunities to participate in MUN conferences take this to international levels. Students while simulating United Nations in their discussions learn about current events, become aware of international relations, diplomacy and also develop a variety of skills such as note taking, public speaking, technical writing , communicating in groups, research, analyzing policies, active listening, negotiating, reaching consensus, resolving conflicts effectively and so on. Kāsigans have so far participated in the following:

  • The Doon School MUN
  • Harvard MUN, Hyderabad
  • Cathedral MUN Mumbai
  • Mayo College Girls MUN, Ajmer
  • Amity International – AIMUN, Noida
  • Delhi Public School MUN - Jaipur



The school believes that every educational institution must cultivate partnership with the community. Our Interact Club encourages students to become responsible and responsive global learners. The members of the club undertake various social outreach programs building strong bonds with the community around them.

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