International Students

Kasiga extends a reassuringly warm welcome to international students and provides adequate cultural space for them to get acclimatized seamlessly. One of the most well-renowned schools in Dehradun, Kasiga is currently home to boys and girls from Thailand, South Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, Dubai, Bangladesh, Uganda and United States of America & Canada.

To facilitate the admission process for international students, Admission Fairs are conducted in many places and Kāsiga’s representatives travel each year to places like Kathmandu, Thailand and so on. Entrance exams are conducted for students who register there. Interviews with the Head of School are conducted via Skype and admissions are offered after due reference check.

Admissions from Thailand are routed through our exclusive Admission Consultant based in Thailand. The admissions office will provide further details and get you connected to the admission consultant in Thailand. Entrance exams for these students are conducted by the consultant and papers sent to the school. The interview takes place via Skype.

South Korean parents may write directly to the school in Korean. We shall coordinate with our Admission consultant in South Korea who will conduct the entrance exam and have the Skype interview organized.

International students from other countries may contact the school admissions office and will be guided for admission. Please see the fee detail to know the fee structure for international students. Students from SAARC countries pay the same fee as Indian students.

Q1. Who helps the international students settle in school?

Ans. The international desk headed by senior staff and special mentors take the overseas students under their wing immediately after admissions, helping them settle in. Apart from this, trained counselors and special educators take care of the emotional and special needs of students. Additionally, trained staff helps them acquire essential skills in English through specially designed ‘Bridge programmes’ to bring them to the level of proficiency required to cope with academic work.

Q2. How do these students cope with the cultural differences?

Ans. Most students are mentored carefully so that they seamlessly integrate with the student community at Kāsiga. ‘Buddies’ from their own country as well as Indian students play a proactive role along with staff during the period of acclimatization and adjustment.

Q3. Does the school serve international cuisine?

Ans. Being a full-fledged boarding school, Kasiga School in Dehradun carefully caters to the international palate by providing international cuisine along with Indian cuisine. Additionally, some overseas students are included in the Food Committee to give suggestions regarding food choices.

Q4. How can students communicate with their parents?

Ans. Overseas students are allowed to keep their international numbers and use Skype to communicate with parents and guardian. This is in addition to access to internet to help them communicate over e-mail with parents. They can call home once in ten days.

Q5. What food items are they allowed to carry from home?

Ans. While we prefer and encourage students to eat healthy and freshly cooked meals provided by the school we completely understand that our overseas students wish to carry some food from home. As a special concession they are permitted to carry some traditional delicacies in reasonable quantities.

Q6. Are they allowed to carry their mobiles and laptops?

Ans. Yes. However the mobile phone and laptop usage timings are fixed to prevent indiscriminate and inordinate usage of these.

Q7. When students go out with their parents what does the school organize for students whose parents cannot come?

Ans. The school takes utmost care to organize short excursions where these students are accompanied by school staff, giving them a valuable opportunity to explore India.

Q8. Does school help in application process for foreign universities?

Ans. Yes. Educational Fairs are hosted frequently in collaboration with overseas universities from U.K., Canada, Australia, USA etc to allow direct interface with their representatives. Apart from this, visits to such fairs are organized when these are held in Metropolitan cities nearby. Specialized counselors are invited to assist these students with college applications. The International desk in school constantly assists these students to make informed and judicious choices. School’s international desk uploads applications on UCAS; predicted grades as well as letters of recommendation (LoR) are provided to assist students with the process of admissions.

Q9. What foreign universities are Kāsiga alumni studying at?

Ans. Prestigious universities like Warwick, Simon Fraser and Raffles to name a few.

Q10. Are international students given equal opportunity as Indian students?

Ans. Yes. Overseas students are given opportunities through Assemblies, Intra – school and inter –school events to help them actualize their full potential.

Q11. Are international students given support for learning English?

Ans. Yes, through bridge courses in English organized specially to help them reach a certain level of proficiency till they can be mainstreamed. Apart from this, ESL courses under CIE programmes are offered to students so that their academic performance is not affected adversely.