Unconventional design and tranquil surroundings inspire creativity in both the teacher and the taught and encourage them to move away from conventional thinking.

Cradled in the midst of Nature, the beauty of the school building is a reflection of its idyllic sylvan surroundings. Every aspect of life at Kāsiga is carefully conceived and created with a specific purpose in mind. Spaces are designed to influence both learning and living. Large open spaces and innovatively planned infrastructure encourages learning beyond the classroom. Each classroom has an open area for outdoor teaching and students are encouraged to engage in learning in proximity with Nature and develop an appreciation of the beauty of Nature around them. Classrooms equipped with smart boards and customized student friendly furniture including brightly coloured trapezium shaped desks facilitate holistic learning. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, ensuring integration of technology into the teaching learning process at all levels.

Dorms are designed very thoughtfully. Each child has a study table and a beautifully designed pin up board to encourage them to creatively develop their personal space and engage in self study and also develop healthy reading habits. Each student has a window next to the bed to be able to enjoy fresh air and be constantly aware of the scenic beauty that enfolds them. With only 6 to 8 students in a room, it encourages a family like living. Kāsiga is designed for an open and modern atmosphere where learning is truly a joy.

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