Kāsiga follows both the CBSE and CIE curricula facilitating thorough development of knowledge and understanding, practical skills, creativity, analytical ability and positive values in every student.

Modelled on Bloom’s Taxonomy, we follow planned curricula with a clear focus on well defined learning outcomes. A range of skills with increasing complexity is identified to help students progress from the simple and known to the most complex and unknown. Appropriate techniques and standards are applied keeping the learning objectives in mind. Students not only acquire knowledge but also the process of learning. Higher levels of questioning and systematic process of thinking are encouraged. There is a definite progression with students actively involved in the processes of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.

The maximum strength in a class is restricted to 25 students to ensure that each one gets adequate attention.

Class 9 students have the option of choosing CBSE or CIE in preparation of the Class X Board exams. Class 11 students may choose CBSE or the AS/A levels for their (+2) higher secondary programme. We offer a wide range of subjects in both streams.

The School provides students with flexible opportunities of learning and expressing themselves. Each classroom has an open area at the back for learning through activity, both independently and collaboratively. Ample opportunities are given to the students to develop skills in public communication via debate, elocution, dramatics and music.


Kāsiga has on its rolls experienced and highly qualified faculty that is focused, dedicated and compassionate. Sympathetic and considerate, every member of the Kāsiga family is ready to walk the extra mile to help students in academics, co curricular activities, sports and in the pastoral department. Learning is a way of life here. School invests extensively in faculty enrichment. Kāsiga is always abuzz with exciting opportunities for professional development. In house and outsourced experts conduct training sessions and workshops to keep every faculty member updated with a plethora of academic information and modern teaching methodologies. Additionally teachers enjoy the privilege of attending training sessions held outside the school and elsewhere in the country.

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